Number of dogs: 29212

Kavkazskaļa Ovtcharka Pedigree
(Caucasian Shepherd Dog)

Sredneasiatskaļa Ovtcharka Pedigree
(Central Asia Shepherd Dog)

Ioujnorousskaļa Ovtcharka Pedigree
(South Russian Shepherd Dog)

CO Pedigree

CAO Pedigree

SRO Pedigree

Number of dogs: 16944
Last updated: 20.09.2013

Number of dogs: 10106
Last updated: 2016-02-29

Number of dogs: 2162
Last updated: 2015-01-04

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Now it's over 29.000 dogs, help us to reach 30.000 by the end of 2012 to send in pedigree's and photos

The Ovcharka Pedigree has been around since 2005.
After a server crash in June 2012, we have started a project to look at moving the Ovcharka Pedigree to a more modern and safer environment.
This work goes forward, at the same time it is costs for administration, maintenance and development. In order to secure the future of Ovcharka Pedigree, we are grateful for every contribution.
The easiest way to do this you via Paypal by clicking the "Pay Now" button abow.
Everyone who contribute will be presented with name and kennel name on Ovcharka Pedigree.
Thank you in advance. Best regards Lennart, Ovcharka Pedigree

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